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3 min readApr 28, 2022

gDEX is proud to announce that the pre-access to the cross chain Guild Management Tool is now live! After working on it tirelessly for the last 5 months this is an exciting moment for the GameFi ecosystem as a whole. A series of guild partners have been announced on our Twitter over the past few days, representing the first batch of over 40 Guilds and 40,000 guild scholars and users on boarded into gDEX. Starting from today, guild partners of gDEX can access the Guild Management Tool to help take their guild operations to the next level.

Sign up for early adopter access here.

What is the Guild Management Tool?

GDEX has developed the first-ever full-scale cross-chain Guild Management tool that will come with a robust feature set to level up your guild like a pro in the metaverse. As guilds become a more prominent feature in the P2E economy, they’re inherently limited in scale by management efficiency and technology.

Conventional solutions for accounting, payroll, and human resource management simply do not apply to a business model that operates off a decentralized ledger or a blockchain. In a world where the transfer of assets is more than just a bank transaction, usual applications for tracking one’s finances no longer apply. The gDEX Guild Management Tool was built to provide a one-stop-shop solution for all these issues.

Setting the stage for the future of guilds

guild management tool

The gDEX Guild management tool will set the stage for the future of guilds in the P2E metaverse. Guilds will be able to grow their businesses efficiently, maximize the value of their gaming NFTs, track and manage their earnings and scholars’ activities, optimize business processes using the member payroll and NFT renting system, and the ability to manage and grow guilds into the hundreds of thousands like a corporation.

dynamic metadata management

On top of all the powerful tools and functions within the Guild Management Tool, users will also be able to utilize the full scale of gDEX’s cutting edge PRISM NFT Standards and participate in a new interoperable GameFi economy. More will be announced on our PRSM NFT Standard later.

prism NFT open standards

Many Applications, All in One Platform

As the gDEX continues to grow, so will the guild management tool. At launch, the tool will serve as the unified platform for all guild management matters, offloading the burden of management off guild leaders. Over time, as more features are added, we hope that it can become the hub for a reimagining of the guild economy.

Does the Guild Management Tool sound like something you or your organization needs? Sign up for early adopter access today at


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