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3 min readNov 24, 2022

For this growth to be scalable and truly universal, we need more accessible games with simpler onboarding for audiences that are not crypto natives. The enjoyment of playing these games will ultimately determine their success, but entry and functions need to be more simplified to support a seamless transition from Web2 to Web3.

With our one-of-a-kind offerings to players, game producers, and guilds alike, the ground-breaking Web3 Community Gaming platform gDEX Metaverse, is helping realize this very vision. gDEX is bringing the best APIs for seamless Web3 gaming and discoverability for true decentralization and scalability to happen.

A Sneak Peek into the gDEX Product Solution

gDEX’s Web3 Community Gaming Platform consists of a Lego block collection of chain-agnostic tools that help existing games and developers drive revenue, increase usability, optimize gaming asset management, become cross-platform discoverable and scale communities across the metaverse.

With gDEX, you get access to the premier Web3 gaming APIs to jumpstart unlimited community scalability and player base with gDEX’s innovative accelerated discovery and onboarding technology.

Games can integrate with gDEX and it’s core tools in a snap, from only a few hours to a couple days. The core tools include:

Metaverse Passport (Web3 Gamer ID): A developable, tradable & rentable cross-platform SSO Web3 gaming ID tracking player’s journeys & assets across the metaverse.

Guild Management Tool: Manage the entire process of Web3 gaming & efficiently scale the guild business across games & chains

GameFi Missions: Customize & deploy gamified acquisition, loyalty & retention programs with reward driven achievements

With gDEX’s tools, players and gaming orgs like guilds, clans, etc., can seamlessly manage their Web3 gaming virtual assets, identity, activity, and experience from a single platform.

Across games.

Across chains.

Across the metaverse.

Creators, gamers, and guilds thus gain access to the largest and fastest-growing Web3 gaming community in the metaverse. Together with them, we are building a community that gets to leverage the enormous power of Web3, while enjoying the seamless experience of Web2.

About gDEX Metaverse: The Largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse

gDEX brings the power of Web3 AND the experience of Web2: Gaming in the metaverse both Web2 and Web3, is full of problems. Currently, onboarding the next billion Web2 users into Web3 is still a myth. gDEX makes this a reality.

The Web3 Platform Powering Gamers, Creators & Guilds: gDEX’s Web3 Community Gaming Platform that consists of a Lego block suite of chain-agnostic tools that reduce & improve every step of the gaming experience & enable games to jumpstart unlimited scalability & discoverability & users to seamlessly manage all their Web3 gaming virtual assets, identity, activity & experience from one platform across the metaverse.

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