gDEX Tournament: CryptoKnights’ gDEX Cup registration is now open

[update 18 July 2022]: The game format has been changed from 2-day event to 1-day event. Players are requested to note that the tounrament will be ONLY on 23rd July 2022. The current plan is to do the qualifiers on 23rd afternoon, then quarterfinals in the evening.

[Original Post]:
Recently, gDEX team announced winners of the First gDEX Tournament with FulboGalaxy Game. And now, the team is thrilled to announce 2nd gDEX Tournament with Game partner CryptoKnights! All gDEX community members, followers, and guild partners are invited to participate in this tournament to contend for a prize pool of unique and rare NFTs!

In this tournament, players will battle for a slice of the NFT prize pool of 11 aKNIGHTs and a chance at emerging as the grand prize winner who will go home with an aCASTLE. On top of that, the prize pool will also reward a combined total of 500 USDT to the top 4 players.

The tournament will be held from the 23rd of July at 00:00 (GMT+7), till the 23th of July at 23:59 (GMT+7). Players have till 22nd of July to sign up, so be quick, register for the tournament here as slots are running out!

Prize details for top 8 positions of the gDEX tournament

That’s not all! If you represent a guild and would like gDEX to allocate more rewards specifically for your guild (Guild-Specific Reward) then please contact our team on telegram.

Excited to Join? Sign up now!

You can register for the gDEX Tournament here!

Cryptoknights is a real-time fighting card game with a medieval setting that has been in development for many years now. Originally devised as a mobile game with no NFTs, it has since evolved into a model where players can either play for free or purchase NFTs to earn while playing the game.

Players can earn RUBY when they play Cryptoknights, which in turn can be used to mint new knights, weapons, armor, and many many more varieties of equipment; all of which will be an NFT by itself. Over time, the game will support players on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, becoming the first blockchain game to have such wide compatibility. Find out more about Cryptoknights by reading our post about our partnership here.

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