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3 min readJul 4, 2022


gDEX Tournament registerations are now open!

Over the past few months, the gDEX Metaverse has announced a diverse group of guild and game partners, through these partnerships, the team has provided exciting opportunities for their team members to access the gDEX platform in exchange for feedback. This has been done in line with gDEX’s belief in building with the community.

Today, the team is thrilled to announce that the gDEX Metaverse is taking its partnership with FulboGalaxy to the next level by hosting a game tournament. To that end, all gDEX community members, followers, and guild partners are invited to participate in this tournament to contend for a prize pool of a total of $1300USD!

Register for the gDEX Tournament and stand a chance to win from a $1300 prize pool!

What is this tournament and when will it be held?

In this tournament, players will battle for the grand prize of $1300USD split between the top 10 players.

The tournament will be held from the 8th of July at 0000 UTC, till the 10th of July at 1159 UTC. Players have till 6th of July to sign up, so be quick, register for the tournament here as slots are running out!

Reward for Top 10 players of the tournament

That’s not all! If you represent a guild and would like gDEX to allocate more rewards specifically for your guild (Guild-Specific Reward) then please contact our team on telegram: username @YiChingNonolee or @cryptorohittt

Ask your guild manager to contact gDEX for enrolling into GS Rewards (Hurry! Limited seats!)

Excited to Join? Start Playing Now!

You can register for the gDEX Tournament here!

Players interested in this tournament but have never tried FulboGalaxy can sign up now via their website here. On top of that, players can also learn how to play the game with this tutorial to get a head start on the tournament prep! Android users can also download the DEMO game on thier phone from Google Playstore here.

About FulboGalaxy

Fulbo Galaxy is a dynamic, exciting, challenging, and most-of-all fun soccer game that leverages Blockchain technology to create a unique casual gaming experience. Players compete against the AI (PvE), or in PvP mode and tournaments, and battle it out for awesome prizes. Fulbo Galaxy’characters are inspired by popular culture and current affairs: actors, politicians, rock stars, internet icons, crypto celebrities, memecoins etc.

Find out more about FulboGalaxy by reading our post about our partnership here or check out their website:

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gDEX Metaverse acts as a unified GameFi layer enabling interoperability across the metaverse which hosts a suite of robust chain agnostic no-coding needed tools & DeFi fueled GameFi token economy for gamers to maximize the value of their effort, for creators to create & onboard games easily, & for guilds to manage & grow their guilds like never before — all attached to their unique metaverse passport.

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