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3 min readJan 3, 2023


The worldwide gaming market has seen tremendous value growth in recent years, driven by the uptake of mobile gaming and the desire for social interactions. Blockchain-enabled Web3 games are giving players what they’ve been yearning for: control over both assets and governance.

However, Web3 gaming still has a lot of unresolved issues, as is the case with any novel concept attempting to revolutionize an existing market.

Closed chains, closed metaverses, closed loops, closed standards, and closed games are hindering the true potential of Web3 gaming. These obstacles are resulting in huge losses for gamers, game developers, players, and gaming associations like guilds, factions, and Esports.

Key Challenges to the Metaverse’s True Realization

1. High Friction and Drop Off Rates

Metaverse gaming today typically requires both players and guilds to use and log into a minimum of 5–6 platforms for each chain. This means that for playing three games on three distinct chains, they end up using around 15–18 platforms. The complexity and huge data load is leading many to drop off or experience high friction rates.

2. Financial Risk

Gaming in the metaverse currently has zero tools for proper finance management, exposing stakeholders to the risks of errors, asset loss, and security breaches. Most gamers, creators, and guilds have to manage financial data manually. This involves copying and pasting numerous logins, IDs, wallet addresses, private keys, seed phrases, and accounting at every step, which is simply exposing them to both cybersecurity threats and potential loss of data and money.

3. Loss of Value

Gamers are continuously at risk of losing their money, time, effort, and game progress because there is no mechanism for them to monetize their activities or assets.

4. Highly limited scalability

Problems such as unknown and dispersed player, organization, and game data are compelling guilds to make individual claims for awards for scholars. Besides, there are no universal standards to Web3 game development, therefore every integration calls for unique learning and development.

5. Hard to Create and Grow

It takes a lot of money, time, and technological know-how to create Web3 gaming tools, guild/org systems, and player communities from scratch. Many Web3 teams are finding it difficult to create games and connect their design and construction due to structural complexities. It’s not simple to build dynamic virtual worlds and strong, durable virtual economies, and Web3 gaming’s sophisticated structure makes this effort even more difficult.

The Next Evolution of Web3 Gaming

Despite the fact that millions of players are actively seeking Web3 games today, the fundamental issues with the user experience is quite evident. Web3 is on its way to completely change the market and might even become the standard model for interoperable, scalable, and accessible gaming.

The need of the hour is to tackle the intrinsic design flaws in Web3 products and games through innovative solutions. This is where gDEX’s singular vision is transforming the landscape.

gDEX is the first product on the market that offers the best Web3 gaming experience in the metaverse and can effectively onboard the next billion non-crypto Web2 gamers. The Web3 Community Gaming Platform from gDEX comprises a suite of chain-agnostic tools that reduce and improve every step of the way in Web3 gaming from a single location.

Thanks to its one-of-a-kind features to players, game creators, and guilds alike, our ground-breaking platform is providing the most frictionless Web3 onboarding for the next generation of Web3 games

About gDEX Metaverse:

The Largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse

gDEX brings the power of Web3 AND the experience of Web2

Gaming in the metaverse is full of problems. Currently, onboarding the next billion Web2 users into Web3 is still a myth. gDEX makes this a reality

gDEX’s revolutionary Web3 Community Gaming Platform consists of a Lego block suite of chain-agnostic tools that reduce & improve every step of the gaming experience & enables games to jumpstart unlimited scalability & discoverability & users to seamlessly manage all their Web3 gaming virtual assets, identity, activity & experience from one platform across the metaverse.

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