How will gaming orgs & guilds in gDEX create new standards for community interactions in the metaverse?

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One cannot underplay the value of guilds inside the metaverse anymore. Guilds are novel concepts that are changing the way we view gaming altogether by providing players the ability to team up with others in the metaverse not only for gameplay but to earn more. Through guilds, legitimate businesses can run and prosper within the NFT space.

However, putting guilds together in a way that can attune to the environments of the virtual worlds is a different task altogether. It is a whole different animal that requires one to go beyond conventional payroll, accounting, and human resource management solutions and operate off a blockchain or a decentralized ledger — that’s where GDEX has come to change the game.

GDEX Guild Management Tool — A Tool That Allows a Gaming Factions to Evolve into Thriving Business communities

Till now, there has been no infrastructure for guilds within the metaverse. With large parcels of metaverse hegemonized by large brands, metaverse-centric developers wanting to turn Web 3 games into profitable ventures have no way to interact with each other or develop a network. gDEX’s Guild Management tool has features that allow gamers, game devs to establish businesses within the metaverse.

Courtesy of these tools, gDEX has boarded upwards of 65 guilds & gaming orgs. The best ones among them include Polkastar Gaming, Path DAO, White enterprise, Metaverse Ventures and Platforms INC, and more. All these guilds have their own rules, games, and their own scholarships.

Focusing on Community Centric-Features to Provide Better Player Interaction

GDEX’s guild management tool focuses on community-centric features, each created to develop better interactions between the community members.

Visualizing Guild Activity

All the guild conversations and activities must focus on improving the guild. With GDEX’s tools, members can visualize the guild activity report to ensure that all the community members, while bringing diverse ideas, are moving towards a single goal.

Distributing NFTs to Members Seamlessly

To ensure that a guild operates smoothly, all its members must get their NFTs and tokens from it when they can work without any issues. GDEX ensures that all the NFTs and tokens are distributed seamlessly across all guild members.

Creating and Distributing Unique, Guild Based NFTs

Once members join a guild, they must have something that gives them a sense of belonging — that’s where GDEX offers tools that leaders can use to create guild-specific NFTs. These NFTs can be distributed among members as a sign of membership.

How These Features Help Create Better Community Interactions within Guilds

One of the biggest issues with the metaverse is the lack of a line to follow through. People just jump inside a metaverse — and often aren’t aware of what they should do. And even if they can form a community, it is hard to follow a goal because the tools available to follow that goal are just not there.

That’s where GDEX is paving the way with its guilds to create better community interactions:

Seamless communication ensures that only valuable conversations are part of community interactions.

Tracking scholars and guilds’ accounts in real-time using a simple-to-use dashboard will ensure that all members are incentivized properly.

The distribution of guild-based NFTs will ensure that the members have a sense of belonging in the community.

NFTs have always had an emotional impact on the owners — and we have gone far beyond seeing NFTs as just another tradable asset. Therefore, when one considers this and the factors we have mentioned above, it becomes easy to see how the guilds created by GDEX will ensure that the community members are oriented toward the common goal of making the blockchain space better for everyone.

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