Onboarding the Next Billion Gamers into Web3 is still a Myth

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3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Web3 gaming creates an attractive prospect for most gamers. Being able to truly own the assets in the virtual world and trade them for monetary gains is lucrative, but it doesn’t take the eyes away from the polarization about Web 3 games in the Web 2 space.

From the biggest twitch streamers to the tech YouTubers, many people are actively rallying against blockchain gaming. And their collective noises make onboarding the next billion Web 2 gamers into the Web 3 space still a myth.

While we can ignore their voices by pigeonholing their opinions into dogmatic beliefs, some of their misgivings about Web3 gaming are reasonable.

What Makes Onboarding One Billion Gamers to Web 3 Space still a myth?

It is important to know that contention against Web 3 games isn’t due to one but the interplay of multiple factors.

Centralization Dressed as Decentralization

The core of Web 3 is decentralization, with every player owning and operating part of their assets online. However, the major players currently active in the metaverse have a centralized hold over the assets.

Managing these massive projects is a centralized team. The way influence is distributed across the virtual worlds is centralized, and the way wealth is distributed also happens according to a centralized view.

While it has many positives, one of which is the creation of tidy worlds with a uniform approach, the lack of decentralization leaves no room for experimentation. In simple words, it is centralized dressed as decentralization; a small essence is there, but the ethos is absent.

Need to Use Multiple Platforms

Web 2 gamers only need one platform to enter a game, and that’s it. With metaverse gaming, players must enter using a minimum of five to six platforms, meaning players would need an equivalent number of platforms for playing across different chains.

This factor makes blockchain gaming not lucrative since the gains can offset the overhead pretty fast.

Existing Financial Risks

Web 3 games that have embraced the ethos of decentralization have completely circumvented all the talks about accountability. There are no safeguards in place to protect a user’s assets.

The Ronin $600 million hack, the Solana hack, and many others are evidence of that. And while each of those companies has taken measures to rectify the situation, it has created a “too-little-too-late scenario” where the player drop-off rates have increased drastically.

Scalability Issues are present

Right now, there are zero universal standards for Web3 game development. That, combined with the scalability issues prevalent across blockchain, makes it difficult to make Web3 gaming enticing to Web 2 players.

Web 3 Gaming is Expensive

There is a decent amount of money, know-how, and tools required to create Web 3 gaming.

Since such games rely on a community, resources must be put into fostering such communities. Dynamic virtual economies, coupled with the sophisticated structures of the games, make the endeavors even more difficult.

Not much focus on the gameplay aspects

Socialization, events, and branding — these three words have been the mantra of most metaverse environments. Games are just an afterthought.

While there are definite concerns behind why the gameplay loops aren’t present, it doesn’t absolve Web3 games from the fact that “gaming is the major point through which Web 2 gamers can be attracted.

Gaming in the metaverse is full of problems. Currently, onboarding the next billion Web2 users into Web3 is still a myth. gDEX makes this a reality

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