The Growing Relevance of the Community for Web3 Gaming

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3 min readFeb 24, 2023


The gaming industry has undergone numerous technological revolutions over the years, and with Web3, we are on the verge of yet another major one as gaming shifts from free-to-play to play-to-earn.

Online gaming has truly made a name for itself as a cutting-edge aspect of the Internet that will undoubtedly endure and grow for a very long time.

Online gaming communities in the past were only created by individuals who were prepared to pay high fees and go through a challenging setup process. But today, a lot of people are interfering across generations.

Today, many people all over the world use gaming as a social outlet, a source of income, and even as a platform for pursuing a career.

Gamers worldwide are brought together, thanks to online gaming communities that give players a place to interact, exchange ideas, get inspired, live stream, and more.

For Web3 gaming, the more inventive and engaging the game, the stronger and more loyal communities that grow around them. Added to that is the benefit of the Play-to-Earn gaming ecosystem that enables gamers, and not just developers or businesses, to make profits out of gameplay.

Another significant lure for gaming communities is live broadcasting of gameplay. Professional gamers’ live streams can inspire people to create, help them improve their own talents, or are simply thrilling to watch.

Making money is one of the most recent additions to gaming communities. Games played competitively between two or more players are known as “esports,” and they have become a common option for people to seek careers in gaming. Many esports are also played in teams, adding to their sense of community.

The popularity of crypto gaming has increased players’ opportunities to earn money. Playing games like Axie Infinity or Splinterland, players can generate cryptocurrency tokens.

While Web3 gaming communities have been around for a long time, the popularity of competitive gaming has only helped these groups grow.

The development of “guilds,” a phenomenon associated with cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn games, has also sparked in recent times.

Blockchain guilds are associations created for the purpose of participating in, improving at, and earning money from blockchain-based games. There are managers in these gaming guilds who have a sizable number of gaming NFTs.

For a share of the earnings depending on their revenue or pre-established models, these managers lend out their resources to other smaller communities of participants all over the world.

As a result, everyone has a fair opportunity to take part in the metaverse economy because game assets are now more widely available.

gDEX, with its innovative platform solutions, is catering to all these stakeholders of the Web3 gaming community!

  • More effective management and monetization of community assets, such as fungible and non-fungible tokens and identities, games, and data, including guild, player, and scholar accounts, activity, and progress across games.
  • A system of in-game currency that rewards players for their time, commitment, and work.
  • Community members may launch their professional gaming careers in one place — the Metahub community — while also receiving rewards and increasing their platform profits.
  • A special, DeFi-powered GameFi token economy fueling the platform and adding continuous purchase and hold pressure.
  • User engagement is rewarded through entertaining gaming activities.
  • Community members can use the Stake for Access function to stake $GDEX tokens and correspondingly unlock useful access, rewards, and tools.
  • Real-time platform notifications for the community, such as “Join Guild” and “Recruit Scholar” requests, or “Join Tournament” requests.

Thus, the foundation of the business model for the gDEX platform is a symbiotic value network. More value will be created as the network grows for both present users and new users joining it, resulting in the much-needed scalability for the platform in particular and Web3 gaming management in general.

On gDEX, players and guilds from various locations and blockchains can connect, find, and play a range of integrated games on a single platform. From token incentives to multiple features and benefits cross-cutting games and metaverses, gDEX is building the ideal community ecosystem for Web3 gaming.



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